Sunday, November 11, 2007

Front Row For The Invasion

Last night I went to "Trench Warz 7: The Invasion" at the Saipan World Resort. This was my first ultimate fighting/mixed martial arts experience and I came away very impressed with how organized and well-run the event was.

The fights were entertaining and full of action.

As you can see, we had the best seats in the house. Photos were not supposed to be taken by anyone except press but with these seats and since I had my camera, I couldn't help but sneak a few.

The guy being interviewed in the photo on the right is from Guam, he's called The Dentist and has some serious grappling skills. His Saipan-based opponent put up a real good fight but this guy closed it like a spider, the only submission defeat of the night I think. I couldn't get photos of that fight as most of it happened right in the fence in front of us and being a good spectator, I couldn't blind anyone with a flash photo..:-)

Disappointingly, Manny Chong of Guam didn't fight as scheduled due to his Saipan-based opponent no-showing.

The main event was Luka Iakopo vs. Kelvin Fitial and these guys are both lions. They also did not appear to like each other very much. This was a rematch, Fitial won the first go-around and won this one as well.

A big thank you to Randy Taylor and Cuki Alvarez of Trench Tech for the excellent set-up and congratulations for putting on a very entertaining event.

Update 11/19/07, Frank "The Crank" Camacho among Saipan's victorious fighters in last Friday night's Pacific Xtreme Combat 13: Back From The Dead on Guam.

Cuki and ‘The Crank’ save day for Saipan fighters


glend558 said...

Now you've told on yourself. Big brother will come knocking and confiscate your camera.
Good shots though!

Tamara said...

Oh man, I should have snuck in a few shots too...he he..I brought my camera but once they announced they would not allow photo's this time, I put it away like a good girl..ha ha...Nice shots you got. I had a great time too, this wasn't my first time to watch however, but I agree, Trench Tech and Cuci do a great job organizing these events!!!

Betty said...

Hey Randy,

Stumbled on this by mistake. Remember giving you your wristband that night, but didn't realize it was your first fight. (I would have been more helpful getting you through the mob to your seats!) Glad you enjoyed the show, the main event was awesome...of course, my heart was with Kel though.

Thanks for the kudos on organization, etc. Trench Tech crew and friends work hard to pull it all together, it's nice to be recognized.
Hope to see you at the next fights.
Betty ; -)