Saturday, October 4, 2008

Richard Nails His First Cover Shot

The week of Sept. 22-26 was Grace Christian Academy's Spirit Week. Each day featured a theme that the kids needed to dress up for. The photo on the left was the front page shot in the Marianas Variety on Wed. 9/24 for Twin Day. That's him in glowing orange, left side, paired up with Eric Lister's kid, Koa.

Wednesday was Career Day and I went cheap by sticking a few business cards in his shirt pocket and giving him a name badge from a conference that I attended, along with a cheap sales line. When dropping him at school that morning, before I even left the room he was passing out cards to classmates and their parents saying "Hi I'm Richard. Do you want to buy a car?" He didn't hit his three-car quota but that's my Chip.