Sunday, November 18, 2007

Our Mellow Weekend in Photos

TGIF baby!!!!!!!!!!!!

The 8th Annual Saipan Island Import car show happened on Saturday night on the rooftop above the DFS Galleria, right outside the door of Hard Rock Cafe.

The island's coolest auto dealer was there.

Above is Kazu Ikeda's Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution and one of the Cabrera family's jacked up trucks. Below are two photos of Kenji Yoshida's nuts Humvee H2 that's well known on Saipan's roads. I was told that it had won the overall best in show in the last two Guam car shows. It won best of show and the SUV category last night. Though there were not many entries in the show, the crowd was huge as usual. Unfortunately, my $99 WalMart Kodak didn't shoot any good crowd shots after dark on the dimly lit roof top.

Early this morning we took Richard swimming at PauPau Beach. I didn't bring my kayak or snorkel gear, just a relaxing morning at the beach with the family.

Our neighbors, the Buenaventura tennis-playing family, are real good at orchids as well and this grouping provides a great foreground for a patio ocean view.

Now my island weekend has reached it's sunset with me on babysit watch as my wife has joined the rest of the island's Filipino community at American Memorial Park for the big Martin Nievera concert. She's earned a break....


Tamara said...

Great photos! I have been trying to figure out where you live with such a great view...Im considering moving to an apartment instead of a house and yours seems to have the two requirements Im looking for..great view and a swimming pool!

SteeleOnSaipan said...

Hey Tammy, thank for the comps on the photos again. It's nice to occasionally get comments like "nice family photos" or "wow, I can't believe what a family man you've become" as opposed to angering people with political commentary.

Vestcor Village above Coffee Care and there are units vacant now. We moved here after living on the beach in a smaller place for 1) the view and 2) the generator.

Have a good week. RS

bigsoxfan said...

Randy, your kids are as gross as you. So says, the Doctor; who is in his cups. Erdene and I think they are just as cute as can be and wish we could have the lad in the pool with them. But... so it is. Hey, that cage fighting thing is nasty, can't they do it on the beach. The cage thing; it seems like a bad/any Kurt Russel movie. Good luck, getting rid of the man breasts. My Victoria secrets catalogs are going to round two, should you need some support. Feel free to delete this as the doctor and I have been searching for Mongolian history, no luck in the second fifth, but the battery is dyiniinnnng.. Did you really squeall on Ron? Oh well....

bigsoxfan said...

Wow, we're dissapointed, and no comment on the turbit cut of mutton, what's up? Under house arrest or just tired of being harrassed from northern latitudes. anchors aweigh: Lamb Stew in Mongolia

SteeleOnSaipan said...

Sorry Mutton, didn't know you were waiting for a reply and honestly, I didn't know if you're commenting or inquring. I just assumed that the Mongolian winter was stirring up the matter between your ears in a funky way.

First, tell the Doctor to pee off and don't wear orange. Tell your lovely wife that we say hola. We'll save the swimming with the kids until you're back in the tropics.

Man breasts come-and-go with the changing tide and whether I'm in training for something. Not a worry when you're married anyway.

As for squealing on Ron, are you talking about our old buddy Ron or the obsessive letter writer going by same name? Not sure what you're referring to on the squealing though.

Mutton, sorry man, vegetarian. Carcasses don't do it for me.

bigsoxfan said...

Sorry for muddling up your comments page, the whole Ron thing had me and the doctor feeling a little displaced and out of sorts. Needless to say, we found comfort in the bottle.
Next big event here is the ice sculpture exhibition.

SteeleOnSaipan said...

Bro, as long as you're not commenting with an ape face or similar, you aren't muddying anything. So when are you and the good doc opening up Godfather's West and Western Chicago?