Saturday, October 24, 2009

Harvest Fest Night and Youth Soccer

On Friday, Oct. 16, Grace Christian Academy hosted their annual fundraising dinner, this year entitled "Harvest Fest Night." Richard's kindergarden class performed a song and dance bit. Richie's the fried egg in the middle while his best bud, Paul Lister is the salt to the right. It was a fun evening with a number of good student performances.

Richard joined soccer league this year for the first time and I, kind of by default, ended up as his coach. We are with the MP United football club, u6 (6 & under) division. This is my squad, along with my assistant coach, Ayuzo Kaga on the left, standing above her two daughters. We have a pretty good squad, 3-1 so far. Richard and the girls are ultra-solid on D, we've given up just three goals in our four games, while the other boys take care of the push to the opponents' goal.

It's a hoot watching the kids play.

Coach Daddy and his protege before our game in San Roque at a really nice elementary school campus sitting right on the lagoon.

Lyssa Rae prefers to do her cheerleading from her favorite rocking squirrel in the park of our home field on Navy Hill.

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