Saturday, January 17, 2009

Playing Catch-Up: Holiday Season in Photos

Sorry Mom, here you go!

Richard is into his United States puzzle, which I'm happy about because a U.S. puzzle was my favorite as a kid and is the reason why to this day I can still completely fill in a blank U.S. map.

Our little girl, Lyssa Rae. Below, Grace Christian Academy's Activity Day at American Memorial Park, the last day of school before Thanksgiving break.

Richard giving the board a shot at Rob Epley's Thanksgiving beach house party and our little bikini babe poolside at home.

Grace Christian's holiday production "Lost Christmas." The 4-year old kindergarden class opened the show with a Christian-themed song and dance bit. That's Richard in the red shirt.

The GCA 4-year old kinder Fun Bunch.

Class field trip day to the Garapan fire station. Thanks to the firemen for hosting our kids!

Some early Xmas gifts, a bike for Lyssa and Mommy and a Dora sofa from Grandma. Oh boy!

Larissa's pre-Christmas photo shoot with the kids.

Christmas Day!


Deece said...

Very cute pictures. Your kids are adorable! See you at Shirley's. Ha ha!

SteeleOnSaipan said...

Thanks Deece. Didn't make it this weekend but we go enough that we order w/o a menu. Best wishes to your family in 2009.

bigsoxfan said...

Happy Anniversery to you both. San Diego is going to be a great landing zone for Erdene and the boy. Any spots on your list to try out? I already found the hooters in Mission Valley, btw. Plus, e is working hard at weaning the lad from the twin founts of all good things and I would hate to set him back. But, there must be other spots. Cheers, Mark

SteeleOnSaipan said...

Thanks Mark. I'll swing over to your site and see what you've got goin' in SD. As far as "spots on my list", I left in '94 and have only spent about two weeks there since so I'm no source of current hot spots. My favorite areas were always South and North Mission Beach so see if Cass St. Bar&Grill or The Pennant are still around.

Are you on a ship? Any chance out this way again?

bigsoxfan said...

No ship in my future, Steele Man. I'm working ashore with one of my sisters doing military base planning. I may, may, may, get to do my thing in Guam in March, otherwise, I'm loving San Diego and getting things ready for Erndene and the lad. I'll look up the Cass str spot. SD is the probably pretty close to what you remember. Ever hit, Hernandez Hideway out at Lake Gibson? Many, many sushi places but the fish isn't nearly fresh, still amusing though. I'm pretty physched (sp) enjoy what I'm doing, a little travel, and setting up a fun place for my misplaced Mongolians.