Monday, August 27, 2007

We Miss 'Sis

It's now been three weeks since my sister-in-law, Lynna ended her three-month stay here and went back to Manila. She arrived here a few weeks before our daughter was born on May 26. My wife and her sister have a siblings-as-best-friends relationship so therefore our daughter was named after a variation of my wife's name, Larissa and her sister's name, Lynna, hence Lyssa Rae.

It has been pretty tough since she left. My wife is a stay-at-home Mom for now and as any parent knows, life is not easy with a newborn in the house. Add to that, a high-octane three-year old son and I have already realized that I have it easy in that I get to go to work every morning. I'm afraid that my wife is going to wear out in a hurry if we don't get more help in the form of a grandmother over here quick. My Mom is due in at the end of September for a few weeks so there is some relief in sight.

For now, my routine is to come home after work to give Larissa relief from Richard. One evening last week when I got home her hair was permed from frustration so I wasn't even home five minutes before I loaded Rich into the car and took him to Jollibee.....for over two hours just to give her a break, somewhat.
When Lynna was here, I still had time for an occasional quick happy hour. We were able to eat dinner together while 'Sis watched the baby. My wife wasn't outnumbered all day. We were able to go out to dinner and actually enjoy it because we had numbers over the kids. When Lynna left, it was like our star center had just fouled out. You don't just adjust and keep things going as they were. We are scrambling now.
So 'Sis, this is a brief dedication to you; words and pictures to remind you of how much we appreciated your help and you being here. Please come back soon.

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glend558 said...

Hello: Thanks for your comment on my blog post "The Country of..'
I always add the people who write comments to my link list, so you are on. I stole your clock idea and added it to my blog, hope you don't mind. Keep up the reading and commenting. I also came here in '94, built the golf course at the Rota Resort, been here ever since. Thanks.